About us

SOURCE was established based on the founder’s 27 – years of experience in business industries, starting from Business Administration, Business Set-Up, Government Relations – E-Marketing to Advertising, Graphic and Web Design, and Human Resources.

SOURCE’s mission is to make client service efficient, organized, profitable, and happy.

SOURCE provides its services to the clients based on the experience of its management, staff and its local and regional sources.

SOURCE is headquartered and operates in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Business Model

Whether you are an existing company or you intend to establish your new company, SOURCE can provide all services needed from A to Z to start up a business and make it grow, starting from your business name reservation, issuing your business license to create your logo and receiving your business card.

Not only that, SOURCE will stay with you all the way to help you establish your company and manage your business in an ideal way by providing business consultancy, advice, and services required to ensure the success and continuity of your business.

The innovative 3 IN 1 program provided by Source (Business Set Up – PRO Services – Marketing & Advertising) allows you to control more over the flow of your business and follow its progress in a regular and correct manner and achieve your goals.



Our Principles

Clients trust us to offer things that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.

We are committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We believe that the success of the client means our success, this belief comes from our feeling of responsibility and commitment to our customers.